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★ 増田貴久 ★

★君のこと あきれるほど好きになった★


i am valen (:
graduated from university not long ago for almost 2 years
i majored in finance and still wondering why
currently happy earning moolah and learning japanese
loves both JE and Kpop!
masuda takahisa is always and still my ichiban
Suju and all its subgroups are my current obsession
jdramas and kdramas rock my world but not fanfics :p
the aim is still to visit japan and attend a NEWS concert this year

this journal is mainly for commenting purposes
it is friends-only even though i don't really post anything significant
because i am basically a working adult with no life
but i would prefer that we at least have some common interests, right? (:
that said, i am a really peace-loving and friendly person, add me and fangirl away

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